About Me

 A Little Back Ground

I grew up just north of Detroit in a small city named Mount Clemens. (For those of you who are not familiar with the East coast, there aren't any mountains in Mount Clemens. And yes, I have been asked this before!) At the age of 21, I decided to leave quiet suburbia for New York City on a whim. I longed for a change.  For the next five years, I experienced love...and heart-break; high-times and late nights; the most amazing food, fashion and art; a motley of cultures, music and crazy cab drivers; and at the end of it all- I met my husband, Chad.

Currently moving at a slower pace, I now call sunny California my home. I am happily married with two four-legged "kids" named Zeus (a spunky chihuahua mix) and Athena (a clownish heap of skin Basset Hound). I love God, my ever-so-patient husband and I still LOVE to ride by the seat of my pants! All forms of art, nature and God's creatures make my heart smile.

What Inspired This Blog

I may have been told a time or two that I tend to "check out" from reality. (Okay maybe I've heard this many many times, but who's counting?) My husband has often asked me, "What is going through that head of yours?...You're dazing out." Most of the time, I am thinking about what I can make next...what inspires me, and how I can make something tangible out of it. Then I'll escape to my "work room" and get to it. I would E-mail some of my creations, paintings, etc to friends and family. They would often respond with, "When are you going to start putting your stuff out there?" I never really considered it an option, until a friend of mine introduced me to the blogging world. As a result, I created Dazed. And then some!

                                                         My Medium

I would say my artistic expression is a bit like me - ALL OVER THE PLACE! I paint as a release, craft to have fun and take on new DIY projects to learn and broaden my skills. I do my best to remain open-minded since that is when creativity is the most fun!

Having said that- some may strike a chord in you and some may not. I hope at the very least that I may offer some inspiration and/or help out where need be in your future projects!   Happy Dazing! 

~ Rachelle 

E-MAIL CONTACT: rachelle.ball83@gmail.com