Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pillows for the Fall

Mmmmm, I can smell Fall in the air! Yay! Autumn has quickly become my favorite season (sorry Summer) - The crisp cool air, pumpkin patches, apple pie, football and the COLORS! Thus, in the spirit of the season, I got creative.

These pillows are my first attempt at sewing my own. (Actually they are my first finished sewing project that I am happy with!) Yes, it is very easy to go out and buy some cute pillow covers to switch up your decor, but I knew I wouldn't find what I had envisioned. So here are a few of the ideas I had, and gave them life! Fun fun! ;)

Goldenrod pillows: Microsuede pillow covers, hand-made silk flowers.

Pumpkin pillow: Canvas cloth pillow cover, silk used for the pumpkin and free stitching on the stem. (My comfiest pillow out of the bunch. If I'm not using it, the dog is!)

Plaid front pillow: Canvas cloth, black swirly fabric, plaid & ribbon. (This one is not a pillow cover.) I wanted to try stuffing and sewing up a full pillow.

**I just want to add, that if you are just starting out in the sewing world - Congrats! I tried sewing purses, shirts, you name it.  I always felt unsatisfied with how they were turning out. But pillows- now there is an easy-to-do sewing project and they will give any room a nice new look without having to spend a ton of money! Look for sales at your fabric store and use pillows you already own to save even more!  Happy Sewing!

~ Rachelle

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