Monday, October 3, 2011


Hello out there,

Here is the dawning of my first post. Very exciting. A friend of mine talked me into starting a blog for all my creations, and Wallah! - Here she be. I hope to use this site as a means of displaying new ideas to inspire like-minded, creative people or just those who like to stop by on a rainy day. :) I don't have one form of art or craft that I can say I have honed in on- just yet. I may never. But you will find sewing projects, paintings, random crafts, DIY projects (and some things that just make my heart smile) that I hope you will enjoy and maybe find helpful!

Happy Dazing


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! Was I that friend?? I CANNOT wait to see all the beautiful things you create! You are beyond talented! MISS YOU!

  2. and now get on twitter!!!!! I am @Natalialsimmons come find me!

  3. Yes you were!! Thanks for introducing me to the blog world! How can I link your site? ;)

  4. I agree, nice header Rachelle =)

  5. Well, Congratulations on your blog kick off. Looks great! I'll look forward to seeing all your creativity and fun!