Saturday, October 8, 2011

Puppy Pee & Pumpkins

Soooooo, I was very much looking forward to today- Pumpkins, craft store and some decorating. YES!

However, I had to take the pup to the vet to see what's going on with the funky limp she's had lately before I could do any of the above. No problem. She's never been a fan of the car, which results in a massive mess of you-name-it. (HUGE bummer since we do so much camping!) Anyway,  I figured she would be better sitting on my lap with her head out the window. So far, so good! 

And then it happened.

 A nice rush of warmth flowing down my leg, onto the seat and everywhere else.


But, with a phone call to the hubs to come to my rescue, we got things cleaned up and squared away. Oh and the limp issue is just a part of puppy growing pains. She's good!

Now, off to the pumpkin patch!

Don't you just LOVE moon pumpkins?!

Here's some critters I thought were pretty darn cute!

(How fantastic is this guy?!! Sesame Street character, brought to life.)

This guy has my vote for "Cutest Critter". ;)

 There's me n my 'kins to wrap up the patch-a-palooza!

Have a wonderful and 'pee-free' weekend, All!


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