Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Aged Window Decor

Yay!! I am SO excited to share this project with all of you!

This is another window frame conversion. However, I added different details to this one. I started with just the window frame (it came with the glass) and went from there.

Okay, so here's how I did it!

  • Window Frame w/glass
  • Crackle Paint
  • Country White Acrylic Paint
  • Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Raw wood shelf
  • (3)  Longer Nails/Hammer
  • Twine
  • (2) Screws
  • Screw Driver
  • Wall Decals (Optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue

  1. If the frame you chose already has a dark stain or dark color paint, you do not need to paint it again. Just take your Crackle Paint and brush on a nice layer in one even direction. Let it get tacky. Do NOT let it dry.
  2. Using your Country White paint, brush on a nice thick layer. Within a minute or two you will start to see it crack! You can speed this process along using a hairdryer, as well.
  3. Using the same brush you used for the white paint, start painting your raw wood shelf brown. 
  4. Sand both the shelf and window frame along the edges and even more so on the corners.
  5. Flip your frame over and screw in your screws. (One on the top of each corner for hanging.) 
  6. Cut enough twine to fold over 4 times and tie a loop on each end. Apply to screws.
  7. On your shelf, hammer in 3 nails. Make sure they are long and sturdy enough for keys (or whatever you think you will be hanging from them).
  8. Now apply a nice thick layer of hot glue to the back of your shelf and press onto the bottom of the frame.
  9. Finally, apply your decals to the windows. I used Designer Wall Accents in "Swirly Branches". 
Note: You do not have to apply the decals at all if you prefer not to. If you like the idea of branches but don't want to buy decals, you can just paint them on the back of the windows. (That was my initial plan until I spotted the decals!)

**I kind of forgot to take a before shot, so here is the back of the frame after I had already finished it.

Close up of the crackle effect... Cool, right?!

This is a shot of it without the decals. It looks great either way! 

I hope you love creating your aged frame/shelf as much as I did!! 



  1. Your finish is lovely. I haven't use crackle paint in a long time because I felt that it gave to much of an engineered look. But you have really pulled off an authentic look on this frame. It looks fabulous! :)

  2. I love what you did with that frame!

  3. It looks fabulous! I hope I can find a window like this and try it! I am a new follower of your blog!

  4. I've been keeping my eyes opened for an old window too. And I have have the crackle paint waiting. :) Thanks for stopping by TGC today. :) xoxo

  5. Your crackle finish looks amazing! I can never get that stuff to do what I want to. I'm so glad you linked up at Etcetorize~

  6. It's authentically aged to perfection!

  7. Hi, Rachelle
    I found your blog from Carolyns Homework link party. Love your tutorial. I enjoyed looking around. Love for you to stop by, I have a link party going on.


  8. Great job, I love it both with or without the decals. Hugs!

  9. Thank you for following me. Its given me a chance to follow you back and enjoy all your talent.

  10. I love your windows! That's so me!! =) Love it!! ~ Angela

  11. I love your window shelf. It's such a wonderful project.


  12. I have a crackle finish frame in my dining room that I did years ago. You did a great job & love the decal on it & the shelf!

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  14. Girl, you are on a roll! I love it!

  15. I love how your window turned out. So cute and useful!

  16. It is truly wonderful. I am a fan of the four pane window. They are so versatile when decorating. Thank you for sharing with us all!!

  17. Ooh, love this one even more than the jewelry box!

  18. This is beautiful!! Now I can stop searching the antique stores for old windows and just make my own. :))

  19. Beautiful window frame! So glad you linked up to the Tuesday To Do Party!

  20. This is beautiful...I'm liking that shelf also.

  21. Beautiful -I have an old window that I could do this with. Does the hot glue really hold the shelf on there?